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What is Aayuri?

Aayuri is an exclusive product for ladies which works upon the problems related to menstruation. It is made up of 100% natural and ayurvedic herbs which are certified by AYUSH (department of Ayurveda). It has proven results and has benefited thousands of ladies. It contains pure ingredients which are a rich source of nutrients and has no side effects.


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Why the thought Aayuri?

Around 80%-90% women suffer from some or the other menstrual problems. Some women don't even know about the problems they are suffering from, let alone curing them. Aayuri is an initiative to help women get rid of their day to day problems related to uterine and become a healthy and more productive person.

What Aayuri Does?

Aayuri helps to get rid of all the problems and complications that a female faces during periods or before and periods. Problems like pain, cramps, overflow of blood, irregular menstrual cycle, PMS (pre menstrual syndrome), irregular uterine bleeding etc. Aayuri also helps to increase fertility in females and increase blood haemoglobin level.


How Aayuri does it?

Aayuri works directly upon the root cause of the problems related to menstruation. Any problem related to menstruation is either linked with hormones or endometrium (inner membrane of uterus). Aayuri helps to normalise the hormonal level in body which gets disturbed during periods. It also helps to repair the endometrium which gets damaged while shedding its lining during periods.
Aayuri also works upon gonadotropins which are the hormones involved in fertilisation. Ayuri regulates and normalise them to help in increasing fertility.

What have we put in Aayuri?

Aayuri is nothing but a mixture of 100% natural and pure herbs which are certified by the Ayush department (department for Ayurveda). We use extracts of all the herbs which are processed in a clean and hygienic environment. We are very fussy about our quality and work very religiously and honestly to maintain it.

Wholesome natural ingredients, guaranteed to work, with nothing to hide. When you use our products, you’ll feel the freshness of Ayurveda and nature along with the love that we’ve poured into each and every ounce.

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