About us
Eazyways Arogya Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a professionally strong and technically stable company. Our team comprises of skilled and qualified professionals from various backgrounds like medical, information technology and marketing. All the professionals present on our panel are very experienced and have achieved various milestones in their respective fields. We are highly committed towards our mission and dedicatedly work day and night to achieve it.

Females are a very vital part of the society and should be valued and respect, this what we believe and preach. Females in our society have to go through a lot of problems at every step and yet they always come out of any situation and prove themselves. Be it be Politics, Bollywood, Corporates or house making, females of our society always find a way to step up and prove themselves. Nevertheless of their strong head and heart females will always have to deal with their menstrual cycle. Though this is a by default natural process and will always be a part of a woman’s life and nothing much can be done about it but there is still something that we can do. We can help them get rid of the problems that they face during those days of the month. For this we have developed a unique product which in particularly for the problems related to menstruation. Since, our expertise is in natural preventive medicine hence, this product is based upon the formulations of Ayurveda.

We have developed a unique product which is especially for the problems related to uterine. Since, our expertise is in natural preventive medicine hence, this product is based upon the formulations of Ayurveda.

Our product Aayuri is a step towards women empowerment. We believe that if we can help women eliminate their menstrual problems then we can help them become strong both mentally and physically. And a strong woman means a very good worker and earner resulting in the growth of the society altogether.

Since our product is Ayurveda based and 100% natural so, we are also promoting nature and Ayurveda which is a 5000 years Indian science. We are trying to educate people about Ayurveda and nature and the health benefits related to the same through Aayuri.

Our Vision
We aim to connect 1 crore ladies with us by the end of 2019 and be among the top most brands of the country in terms of trust, brand value and turnover.

Our Mission
To educate and aware each and every person about the severe gynaecological problems and provide them a solution in shape of Aayuri to all such problems.

To promote health of women.

To make people understand the power of Ayurveda and nature and help them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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